Who We Are…

Trimbelle Valley Apiary is located in the beautiful Trimbelle River Valley of west-central Wisconsin approximately 15 miles east of the St. Croix River Scenic Waterway.  Here our bees have access to hundreds of acres of mixed forage such as basswood, willow, clover, DNR pollinator plantings, as well as native prairie plants and wildflowers.

We own a small, family-owned sustainable apiary.  We are not a migratory beekeeping operation.  Our bees are being selected to survive the harsh Wisconsin winters.  By doing this, we minimize disease, stress and many other problems that often occur when colonies are transported by truck to locations around the country:  our bees are "home grown".

For over 25 years Drs. Brad and Kim Mogen have been faculty members in the Biology Department at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls.  UWRF is primarily a teaching-oriented university, and we taught numerous courses such as Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Introductory Biology, Botany, Plant Pathology among others.  Brad has his Ph.D. in Plant Pathology (the study of plant diseases) and Kim has hers in Botany, both of us have extensive applied and molecular experience.

Several years ago we decided to focus on honey bees in our Introductory Biology course.  We've worked with students to study honey bee genetics, diseases, and management.  Bringing honey bees into the classroom made us realize we'd like to share our passion and expertise with others.